Redbreast 27 Year Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

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Batch B1/19. Redbreast 27 elevates the storied reputation of this iconic whiskey even further. is a succulent blend of summer berries, dark fruit, soft vanilla, and orange.

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Redbreast 27 Year Single Pot Still

Redbreast 27, batch 1, elevates the storied reputation of this iconic whiskey even further. The addition of Ruby Port Caska adds complexity and depth to the celebrated foundation of Bourbon and Sherry Caska influence. Each bottle of this cask-strength Redbreast is a sight to behold.

The Robin Redbreast is the only bird that sings continuously throughout the dark Irish winters and is one of the very few small birds that choose to winter in Ireland. It is the endurance spirit that inspires its namesake, Redbreast Irish Whiskey.

Single-pot still Irish whiskey is regarded by many as the definitive expression of single-pot still Irish whiskey. When the world demanded lighter, more accessible whiskey styles, Redbreast stood steadfast in its belief in the tradition and significance of this style of whiskey, and for the past century, it has remained the standard bearer for single-pot still Irish whiskey.

Tasting Notes of Redbreast 27 Year Single Pot Still
  • Nose: A succulent medley of exotic fruits—mango, pineapple, blood orange, and ripe red berries—is complemented by fresh herbs, aromatic oils, and wood spices. The richness is enhanced by vanilla sweetness and Treacle Toffee, while walnuts and toasted oak acknowledge the contribution of a premium cask selection.
  • Taste: incredibly rich in texture with a luxuriously fruity introduction. Ripe red-fleshed plums, black cherries, and summer berries are balanced by the prickle of a hint of chili oil. The taste evolves as cherry menthol, vanilla, and cinnamon-sweet spices combine with RED PEPPER, NUTMEG, and TOASTED OAK for an intriguing complexity.
  • Finish: A satisfyingly long balance of ripe fruit and wood spices, worthy of a journey of nearly three decades.


Category Irish Whiskey
Brand Redbreast
Size 750ml
Country Ireland

1 review for Redbreast 27 Year Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

  1. Yatu

    The apotheosis of Irish whiskey. Rich, bold, smooth, and a never ending grip of flavour that costs your mouth like shrink wrap. It is worth every pound, penny, pence.

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