Bushmills 16 Year Single Malt Irish Whisky 750ml

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Bushmills 16 Year Single Malt Irish Whisky 750ml

16-Year Single Malt Bushmills Irish Whiskey is a distinguished single malt produced by Bushmills in Northern Ireland. A fantastic illustration of the impact of various cask maturation is bourbon, port, and sherry, which are aged in three different types of casks and impart flavors of fruit, nuts, and spices. It’s fantastic that the company has been able to maintain its focus on tiny batches for more than 400 years.

The history of distilling at the Bushmills site is extremely long. The original license to distill was granted to Sir Thomas Phillips by King James I in 1608, but it is said whiskey may have been made in the area as early as the 1200s.

The distillery was revived again in 1784, and after several periods of closure and reopening, it found success in the late 19th century. During this period, Bushmills engaged in early whiskey marketing, sending a steamship named the SS Bushmills to Singapore, Hong Kong, and Yokohama via the United States.

These days, it is one of the most successful Irish distilleries. Bushmills is second only to Midleton (the producers of Jameson’s) in terms of size, and for a long time these were the only two distilleries on the island of Ireland. The distillery receives 120,000 tourists a year and is even on Northern Irish banknotes!

Bushmills 16 is one of the finest products in the distillery’s range. A triple-distilled single malt, this dram showcases the soft character of Irish whiskey, complemented nicely by the weight of malt and the complexity of a triple cask maturation. Every serious drinker should get to know it.

Bushmills 16-Year-Old Tasting Notes

Nose: A classic Irish nose of honey, yoghurt, and tinned stone fruit; this also has a lovely cassia bark character, which develops in the glass.

Palate: spiced and rich with juicy summer fruits, Christmas spices, pine oil, manuka honey, and peaches in syrup.

Finish: Thick and syrupy with notes of red berries and golden syrup.


Category Irish Whiskey
Distillery / Brand Bushmills
Style Single Malt Whiskey
ABV 40.0%

1 review for Bushmills 16 Year Single Malt Irish Whisky 750ml

  1. Thierry Felix

    I love the flavor, juicy fruits, nuts and spice, I will need more bottles.

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