Yamazaki Tsukuriwake Selection 2022 (4 x 70cl)


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Yamazaki Tsukuriwake Series 2022 70cl release

The Yamazaki Tsukuriwake Series 2022 is a set of all four 70cl bottles from the range. This stunning four-bottle collection from the iconic Yamazaki Distillery features four beautiful single malts that have been created using different types of malt and a variety of cask types, resulting in a series that displays the full, epic range of possibilities with the sublime single malt created at Yamazaki.

The four whiskies are: puncheon matured, peated malt, Spanish oak matured, and Mizunara matured, and each of them displays a unique style of its own, from thick peat smoke to mizunara spice and rich sherried fruits.

This collection allows you to explore Yamazaki whisky deeper than ever before, furthering your knowledge and understanding of the distillery while delighting your senses at the same time.



Series / Description Tsukuriwake Selection 2022 Edition 4 x 70cl
Year Bottled 2022
Alcohol ABV 48 %
Cask Strength Yes
Cask Wood Type Various Cask Wood
Single Cask No
Packaging Original Box
Bottler Distillery
Country of Origin Japan
Stopper Screw Cap
Bottle Type Dumpy
Bottle Size 70cl x 4
Neck Level Full Level


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