Red Spot 15-Year-Old Irish Whisky


Red Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey Aged a minimum of 15 years, has made its return to the realm of Irish whiskey after a half-century.

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Red Spot 15-Year-Old Irish Whisky 75 ml

The name “Red Spot” originated from the family’s practice of marking casks of different ages with a spot of colored paint. There was a blue spot, a green spot, a yellow spot, and, of course, a red spot. As colorful history would have it, this revered red spot has remained underground until now.

Red Spot This Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey has matured for over 15 years in a combination of American Bourbon casks, Spanish sherry butts, and Sicilian Marsala wine casks, all contributing rich and complex flavors, making it the top spot in the range.

Red Spot Irish whiskey was originally produced exclusively by the Mitchell family, who commenced trading in 1805 on Grafton Street in Dublin as purveyors of confectionery, wines, and fortified wines. The family’s entrepreneurial spirit expanded into the whiskey bonding business back in 1887, whereby they matured their whiskey for many years beneath the cobbled streets of Dublin.

Red Spot 15 year old whiskey Tasting Notes

Nose: Pot Still spices with rich cooked fruit: baked apple, mango, and black cherry. Hazelnut and a touch of new leather fuse with toasted American oak.

Taste: A mix of ripe fruit sweetness from the Marsala-seasoned wine casks While the fruit remains, sweet red pepper, cracked black pepper, and some spiciness are complemented by notes of American oak and barley.

Finish: an extra-long infusion of fruit and spices.



Category Irish Whiskey
Origin Ireland
Size 750mL
ABV 46%


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