Duke Grand Cru Founders Reserve Bourbon Whiskey


In the pursuit of finding the perfect balance and expression, Duke Grand Cru Kentucky Reserve Bourbon exquisitely marries the classic and bold flavors of aged Kentucky bourbon with the finest French oak Grand Cru wine barrels in the world. Meticulously crafted, a rare 9-year-old selection of our Kentucky Straight Bourbon then delicately rests in these barrels until a unique and graceful balance is found.


Duke Grand Cru Founders Reserve Bourbon Whiskey

Not all barrels are created equal, so our master blender has sought out the rarest and finest French oak barrels to honor and enhance the great flavors of our aged bourbon. These barrels have gracefully aged some of the most stunning 98–100 point-scoring single vineyard California Cult Cabernets. Barrels represent a very key element in the evolution of flavor. The age and tight grains found in the French oak, originating from centuries-old forests, and the perfect level of toasting ultimately provide a canvas rarely explored.


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