Makers Mark Wood Finishing Series 2021 Limited Release FAE-02


makers fae-02 The Maker’s Mark® Wood Finishing Series returns with our anticipated Fall edition. Following up on spring’s FAE-01, this fourth limited release from the series is here after a full year of wood experimentation. The result is a rich, wonderfully oaky Bourbon. FAE-02 honors our signature whisky with a focus on mouthfeel and big, round, woody notes. There’s enough spice to give it body and balance, but the luscious texture is what really stands out. Bottles of this rare bourbon will number in the thousands, so be on the lookout—or press your local shop about availability.

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Makers Mark Wood Finishing Series 2021 Limited Release FAE-02 Bourbon Whiskey

makers fae-02 Our 2021 expressions took a leap forward with a full year of stave research. FAE-02 staves are French oak that’s double heat-treated—with infrared, then a flame finish. The infrared creates furans (or caramel flavor). The flame finish balances the caramel with lignin (vanilla). For FAE-01, we seared one side of the stave, leaving one side raw, and extracted different flavors from each side of the wood.

Tasting Notes

Toasty, sweet oak with caramel and light brown sugar

Texture forward with deep oak notes and spice

Long, balanced, and consistent in texture and tone

Cask Strength (109.1)



Category Bourbon Whiskey
Distillery Maker’s Mark
Proof 109.1
Mashbill 70% Corn, 16% Wheat, 14% Malted Barley


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