The Macallan Edition No.5 Scotch Whiskey 750ml


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Macallan Edition No.5 Scotch Whiskey

The Macallan Edition No. 5 is Created by the coming together of whisky making mastery and color expertise and insight, The Macallan Edition No.5 celebrates both The Macallan’s commitment to 100% natural color and the intricacy of the whisky making process. For this edition, world-renowned color masters at the Pantone Color Institute created a uniquely bold shade of purple to highlight the equally complex process involved in The Macallan whisky making. Aromas of vanilla, toffee, ginger, and pear open the experience. The palate is fresh and sweet with notes of caramelized pear, poached peaches, nutmeg and ginger.


Category Scotch Whiskey
Region Scotland
ABV 48.5%


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