Hampden 1998 The Wild Parrot LMDW 64,5% – 0,7L


This heavy rum is made by the Jamaican distillery Hampden, which is capable of producing very aromatic rums (with an extremely high ester content).

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Hampden 1998 The Wild Parrot LMDW

Hampden, Wild Parrot, 1998. This Wild Parrot is the result of a partnership between Hidden Spirits, an independent Italian bottler, and Stefano Cremaschi, manager of an enoteca (wine and spirits cellar) in Milan, who is passionate about whisky and rum. It was bottled from single cask #WP98645 by Hidden Spirits and Stefano Cremaschi for their Wild Parrot brand in 2017. This release was exclusive to La Maison du Whisky.


Tasting note

Nose: It is initially quite subtle, rather vegetal and dry, with a distant air of vanilla. A few solvent scents quickly emerge from the liquid, with a little acidity but mostly spice, and even chilli. We note a small, fine, slightly coppery olive. Then the exotic fruits, passed and fermented, come in, with a rather fresh character.

Palate: The experience is intense. The woodiness had not been noticeable until now; it had kept its smoky, fiery, and spicy effects for our palate. The taste of chilli opens the way to something more vegetal that leans towards agave and mezcal. The red fruits are intense and precise. The exotic fruits are more restrained. They don’t have the same fullness as on the nose.

Finish: There is a slightly metallic sensation, nuts, and then the astringency of blackcurrant skin or grape marc.


Poduct Details

Category Rum Whiskey
Bottle strenght 64.5%
Region Jamaica
Distillery Hampden Distillery
Vintage 1998


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