Backbone 15 Years Reserve Old Bones


Kentucky Old Bones 15 Year Bourbon is a nicely balanced, full-flavored, high-proof Bourbon from Frankfort, Kentucky. The grain bill is composed of 78.5% corn, 13% rye, and 8.5% malted barley. This whiskey is bottled at cask strength and is quite tasty.



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Backbone 15 Years Reserve Old Bones Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

Old Bones 15 Year is an elegant Bourbon—a quintessential sipper. Imagine a late summer afternoon in the South, where the sun has gone under the horizon and the heat of the day has subsided to a comfortable temperature. I picture rocking chairs and a creaky porch, and then this bourbon is what you are drinking with your favorite aunt or uncle. The conversation is deliberate and life-affirming, and then you sip this whiskey in between listening and talking. You feel deeply satisfied but also hopeful. You don’t want the day to end, and you wish you had bought another bottle of Old Bone 15 years ago.


Tasting Notes

There are subtle hints of rose petals and ripe cherries on the nose. The cherry carries over intensely to the palate to provide a warm and satisfying sensation. This is a tremendously balanced and integrated whiskey that has nuanced richness and a surprisingly gentle alcohol under-structure for a barrel-strength bourbon. It’s something that can only be created over time. There is a long and lingering finish that provides a perfect end to a special whiskey. Wow!



Category Bourbon Whiskey
Brand Old Bones
ABV 54%
Country United States



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