Black Tot Finest Caribbean Rum 750ml

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Black Tot Finest Caribbean Rum whiskey 750ml

Black Tot Finest Caribbean has been inspired by the story of navy rum and its pioneers of blending. Our Head Blender, Oliver Chilton, has developed a recipe featuring some of the world’s finest rums while creating a new and individual style. With nothing added or taken away, our final blend has been selected for its ability to let the individual flavors of each rum shine.

Tasting Notes

Nose: The copper-colored liquid is immediately inviting, with tropical breezes of pineapple and melon and a feast of Caribbean sweets. Thick scents of banana fritters, plantain tarts, overripe mango, and crème brûlée are lifted by fresh honeysuckle blossoms and eucalyptus.

Palate:To begin, butter toffee, banana cream, and caramel are rounded and rich. Gentle cinnamon and allspice build with more fruit—baked apples, pineapple cubes, and dried mango—joined by coffee, dark chocolate, and black pepper.

Finish: Chocolatey coffee fades, leaving roasted bananas and a tingle of anise.



Category Rum Whiskey
Size 750ml
Proof  92.4 (ABV 46.2%)
Country Caribbean Misc

1 review for Black Tot Finest Caribbean Rum 750ml

  1. Jamie

    Wonderful dram. Finished my last bottle.

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