8 Seconds Blended Canadian Whisky 750ml


8 Seconds Canadian Blended Whisky is a premium Canadian whisky made from a blend of light and heavy whiskeys.

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8 Seconds Blended Canadian Whisky, 750ml

A Frank-Lin Distillers-owned brand, 8 Seconds’ is a range of Canadian whiskies. This is their blended whisky, with rich flavors yet an easy-drinking nature.

This unique Canadian whiskey developed elegant nuances from its aging in oak barrels and has become one of the smoothest, most refined Canadian whiskeys on the market today.


8 Seconds of Canadian Blended Whisky Tasting Notes

Nose: The nose is complex yet not overwhelming.

Palate: A splendid taste with a warm feel to it. Not too smoky, but silky smooth.

Finish: Finish is lingering.



Category Canadian Whiskey
Size 750ml
Proof 80 (40% ABV)
Distillery 8 Seconds


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