Pierre Ferrand S.D.A. Selection Des Anges Cognac 750ml


Pierre Ferrand A rich, fruity Cognac Selection Des Anges offers notes of crystalized orange, dried rose petals, jasmine, violets, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg on the palate.

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Pierre Ferrand S.D.A. Selection Des Anges Cognac

As Cognac matures in oak barrels, slow evaporation occurs, refining the quality and concentrating the finest flavors and aromas. For centuries, the alcohol that evaporates during the aging process has been known as the mythical “Angels’ Share.” What remains in the barrel is a small quantity of cognac after many years of maturation and evaporation. Our ancestors called it “Angel’s Selection,” and we call it “Sélection des Anges.”

La Sélection de l’Ange, a Premier Cru Celeste Cognac
Maison Ferrand has made a name for itself through its exclusive use of Premier Cru terroir eaux-de-vie, the chalky soil of Grande Champagne being particularly renowned for producing some of the highest quality cognacs the region has to offer.

For the Ferrand family, now in their fifth generation as cellar masters, blending is an art, and each Cognac is a masterpiece in its own right. This passion, combined with high-quality ingredients and the traditional “sur lies” distillation process, creates something quite magical, even heavenly. No wonder Ferrand Sélection des Anges Cognac has won so many awards.


Category Cognac Whiskey
ABV 41.8%
Origin France
Distillery Pierre Ferrand


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