Paddy Irish Whiskey 750ml

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Grain, malt, and pot-still are all combined into a single, smooth spirit by Paddy’s. Every element contributes delicate nuances to create a singularly smooth outcome.


Paddy Irish Whiskey 750ml

There’s a reason Paddy’s has been triple distilled the same way in County Cork, Ireland, for nearly a quarter-millennium. Some good things don’t come to an end.

  • Nose: malty, fresh, woody. Hints of spice, honey, and vanilla
  • Taste light and crisp. Hints of nuts, malt, and charred wood
  • Finish A gently fading sweetness. A lingering of mild, woody malt
  • 40% Alc/Vol (80 Proof)


Paddy’s, the product of three classic Irish approaches to whiskey distillation, has the distinction of blending grain, malt, and pot-still into a single, smooth spirit. Each component contributes subtle flavors to achieve a uniquely smooth result. The grain offers a light, floral touch of crisp sweetness. The malt augments the sweetness with a slight note of toasted biscuit, and the pot still brings the traditional Irish creaminess—with but a breath of spice, honey, and vanilla.

1 review for Paddy Irish Whiskey 750ml

  1. Kenneth

    Lätt att tycka om len och samtidigt lite tryck i smaken ,köper den igen mycket bättre än många andra kända märken

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