Nikka Gold & Gold Samurai Limited Edition Japanese Whisky 750mL

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The Gold & Gold Samurai edition is a blend of pot still and coffey still whiskeys. A Coffey still is the column still invented by Aeneas Coffey. It is more efficient in comparison to the traditional pot still.

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Nikka Gold and Gold Limited Samurai Edition Japanese Whisky

Nikka Whiskey Samurai Limited Edition is a unique blend of scotch and whisky, Nikka Gold & Gold Samurai, a Nikka Japanese blended whisky from the Yoichi distillery.

This eye-catching package consists of a presentation box, Nikka Gold & Gold blended whisky (43%, 750ml), decorative armour and shield, and a samurai suit. From The Barrel’s square glass bottle and minimalist label comes the Nikka Whisky Gold & Gold, a.k.a. “G & G” Samurai blended whisky in this exceptionally crafted armour.

Tasting Notes

Nose: The nose of the Whisky is very subtle and clean. You can detect some sweet notes, as well as hints of apple and pear, hints of herbs, and a slight burn from the alcohol.

Plate: On the palate, you get a whiff of sweetness paired with fruity notes of apples, pears, and longan. A few spicy notes from pepper as well a slight citrus taste round off the very light taste.

Finish: The finish is comparably short and dry. A light warmth and a mix of honey and herbal notes dominate the finish.



Category Japanese whiskey
Brand Nikka
ABV 43% (86 Proof)
Filtered Yes


1 review for Nikka Gold & Gold Samurai Limited Edition Japanese Whisky 750mL

  1. Bellz

    As a lover of Hibiki Master Select which is ridiculously hard to get hold of, I tried this on a whim and was not disappointed. The above tasting notes are pretty much spot on. This is so smooth and creamy and irresistibly drinkable. Well worth the money.

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