Martell Blue Swift VSOP Cognac


Martell Blue Swift is a new eau-de-vie de vin made with Cognac VSOP finished in Bourbon casks to enjoy on its own, over ice, lengthened with a mixer or as a cocktail.

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Martell Blue Swift VSOP Cognac 750 ml

Martell Blue Swift VSOP Cognac, the first-ever spirit drink, is made of cognac VSOP and finished in bourbon casks. Martell’s signature distillation process—free of impurities—leaves it open to absorbing the rich aromatic tones from the bourbon cask. The result is Martell’s hallmark style, characterized by delicate notes of candied fruit and plum, now complimented by the subtle sweetness of vanilla and toasted oak from bourbon casks. Exceptionally smooth, with a rounded taste and unique character, this coffee redefines boundaries. For years, the Swift has been an icon for Martell. A bird with the rare ability to fly for days without stopping, the Swift is bound by nothing, traversing oceans and continents.

Martell Blue Swift Night Cognac Tasting Notes

Nose: Aromas such as banana and caramelized pears Then a subtle sweetness appears, and notes of vanilla and coconut mixed with spicy notes and menthol are revealed.

Palate: It is soft, round, and gourmand. Taste the deep and fresh notes of ginger and white candied fruits such as plums.

Finish: smooth, with a toasted oak finish that lingers. 



Category Cognac Whiskey
ABV 40%
Origin France
Distillery Martell Distillery