Hennessy Pure White New Bottle Cognac

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New Bottle Design

Hennessy’s Pure White Cognac is a light, fresh, and fruity young cognac designed for easy drinking on the rocks and in cocktails. We’re delighted to have been able to obtain some; it’s rarely seen outside the Caribbean.


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Hennessy pure white cognac

All the art of master Blender is expresssed in the atypical creation which garbs Hennessy Pure White with a luminous robe and with Fragrances drawn from the vine. Hennessy Pure White bestoms a subtle flower bouquet characteristics, Thanks to a blend with a dominance from the Fins Bois. The Perfect serve: Serve over ice with fresh fruit juice/nectar, to highlight the lightness and fruity character unique to Hennessy Pure White


Category Cognac Whiskey
Proof 80
Origin France
Distillery Hennessy

3 reviews for Hennessy Pure White New Bottle Cognac

  1. Jamie Krueger

    Used this site a few times now, always really helpful, friendly, and very knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend buying from them.

  2. Nina

    The best

  3. Margo

    I bought this as a very special gift for someone and I am so happy to have received this before the party to give as a gift. Thank you so much! The shipping time was great and it was so easy to order. I will order more things for the future! Thank You So Much!

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