Jack Daniel’s Eric Church Whisky 750mL


Jack Daniels Eric Church Single Barrel Select, This Special edition Jack Daniel’s single barrel package is to celebrate the friendship with Eric Church, Master Distiller, Jeff Arnett hand-selected this 94 proof single barrel Tennessee Whiskey according to Eric Church’s favorite Jack Daniel’s taste profile.

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Jack Daniel’s Eric Church Single Barrel Select

These bottles are hand-selected to celebrate the long-standing friendship between Jack Daniel’s and Eric Church, who regularly purchases barrels for himself and his tour crew. Since Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel is built upon the fact that each barrel is unique, fans of Jack Daniel’s and Eric Church alike can now try the product selected to Eric’s taste profile.

Size : 750Ml                      ABV : 47%                  Produced : USA

Tasting Notes

Color: Golden orangey-brown.

Nose: Banana, banana, over ripe banana. Vanilla, hardly any spiciness on the nose. Overall very mellow but intriguingly exciting.

Taste: Banana from the nose becomes more sweeter and candied, caramelized toffee, ever so slight oaky chewiness but overall light & sweet very pleasant sipper.

Finish: Short & sweet with toffee notes staying till the very end.


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